How To Choose The Right Fish Tank Substrate For Your Aquarium

The material used to cover the bottom of the aquarium is called the fish tank substrate. The substrate you choose can have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your aquarium. In addition to fish and live plant health, four important substrates to consider when choosing a suitable substrate are mentioned in this article.

  • Granularity

The granularity of textures varies from fine sand to big river rocks. The large surface of the pellet allows more leftover food and waste to pass through. The result is oxygen-depleted regions that release hydrogen sulfide. This is highly toxic to fish. If the correct particle size is chosen, it is essential to study the specific needs of the fish.

  • Colour

Coaster color is a very personal choice, so choose your favoritecolor. Texture color is often used to enhance the color of the fish. Dark colors make bright fish look bright, while bright substrates make fish look brighter.

  • Reacts with water

Some fish require specific water parameters. One way to increase the pH of your aquarium is to use a water-conditioned medium.

  • Effect on fish

It is essential to consider the effect of the chosen substrate on the fish. You must understand the natural environment and behavior of the fish. This will help you balance the eyes and the fish.

You can choose not only the size and shape of the aquarium. It depends on the type of plate used to cover the bottom of the tank. It is essential to study the fish’s needs carefully and choose a suitable fish tank substrate that meets the fish’s needs.