Different Details of Oral Contraceptive Pill Singapore

Oral Contraceptive Pill Singapore, also referred to as contraception, are pills that women can take orally to avoid becoming pregnant unintentionally. These pills include hormones (estrogen and progestogen) that stop or lessen ovulation to prevent pregnancy. Additionally, they thin the uterine lining to decrease the likelihood that an egg cell will adhere and increase cervical mucus to stop the entry of sperm. Promiscuous women who want to avoid pregnancy are advised to use BCPs.

The benefits of using contraceptive pills are as follows:

  • Take one medication daily to utilize them; they are simple to use.
  • When taken correctly, birth control tablets are pretty compelling.
  • Stop taking these, and your ovulation will recover right away.
  • Reduce the risk of the ovary, endometrial malignancies, endometriosis, and fibroids.

What does birth control do?

oral contraceptive pill singapore are available for women to take daily to avoid getting pregnant. Birth control pills thicken cervical mucus and reduce egg production, which prevents sperm from fertilizing eggs.

All birth control pills need a prescription from a doctor. Combination pills contain progesterone and estrogen, and mini-pills, which have just progestin, are the two main categories of birth control pills. In general, combination oral contraceptives perform better than birth control pills that contain progestin solely.

Combination emergency contraception is offered in 28-day bags that contain 21 active pills and seven inactive tablets or in packs that last 21 days and have 21 active tablets. The purpose of the inactive tablets is to help the woman remember when to start taking a new box of pills.