Essential benefits history of mobile application development

Well, these programs that have become a part of our lives have a fascinating history and not many may know about it. For many of you, the growth of mobile applications dates back a couple of years back to using the iPhone program development. App development may go back before that when wireless was first given email in 2002 by Blackberry. As you will see below, since then the area of app development has progressed in leaps and bounds. We can’t ignore the Shove given with their market by Apple. We can say that this was the first time cell phone users were able to take advantage of applications. A year later their iPhone that had preloaded programs was released by Apple, they started their App Store and this took users. The year in October, Google launched their Android Marketplace with HTC Dream that was the Android Smartphone.

As of April 2009 Number of Apps that was downloaded in the App Store of Apple had surpassed 1 billion that was incredible considering that the App Store had been in existence. Over 10 billion downloads; this number had increased with in September 2011. Android have proved to be a competitor with program development and in April 2010, the number of programs surpassed 1 billion. In January 2011, the 10 billion mark was surpassed by the program downloads. From March 2012, App Store appreciated over 25 billion downloads and it did with over 15 billion downloads as of May though Android Market was shifted to Google Play. We can’t talk about the background of mobile programs and don’t recognize some of the most downloaded software in the background of programs. Android was paid by the first Program to reach on the 1 billion mark was ‘widgets’ and this was back in 2011.

After its launch, we saw’ draw something’ get 50 million downloads at a length of just 50 days in 2012. ‘Instagram’ received 38 million downloads in only 3 months to over 50 million from its 12 million downloads in January 2012 in April that year. ‘Angry birds’ May, the most popular game had more than 1 billion downloads. Currently, about 70 percent from brands have downloaded software of users while 60% say they are considering doing the same. As per a study individuals are more interested in downloading programs from a brand this may mean good news and they understand. The aid of both Smartphone Tablet users has different requirements it is easy to see and when it comes to programs the program development industry has a future. What many of you do not know is though and that program usage is greater than web usage the business world took advantage of programs, things have changed and programs have altered our needs are satisfied.