A Fantastic way to learn Chinese characters in Singapore

According to data from Education Bureau, a growing number of People throughout the world are making efforts in studying Chinese characters. Why? Because it is possible to see characters everywhere! Sometimes, it might cause big trouble if you cannot recognize the seemingly bizarre characters.

To learn Chinese characters is not as hard as most students state. The characters do not consist of many bizarre irregular strokes that trouble many learners. In fact, each character can be broken up into several parts, called radicals and every character has its own meaning. For instance, 喝 is a common character, the first time you see it, and you might think it is too complicated and there are no regular patterns to follow, thus having difficulty in chinese tuition teacher singapore. However, the upper portion of it was a 日, which is the sun. Along with the lower part of it is a 人 who stands under the eave, being surrounded by something that he can get water and drink it. Under the sunlight, people obviously get thirsty and drinking is done by mouth, thus 喝 components include both 口 and 日, and the rest part is a vivid picture of people drinking water. So, learning the meaning of each character is vital since it will help better understand and remember the personality.

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Learning mandarin online requires associative memory. Characters are rather similar to the picture of the items they represent. If the learners have the ability to produce connection between the figures and the items, it is going to be a lot easier to learn mandarin online.

And this is an interesting character to learn:

Lately, the look of words that are popular not only Enriches our online life but makes the language more touching and intriguing. The majority of these cool words come from the world wide web, because the majority of the netizens are kids.