Method of electric charges

The electrical charges are the kind of green mobility that can contribute to the greatest extent to protecting nature from harm. The leading step is taken by theĀ electricity tariff singapore are important operator as well as the provider of the solutions related to the EV charges that comprise the mobile app as well as the ultra-slim form of charges and smart way of the charging system.


They are designed to be more flexible for EV drivers without any kind of inconvenience. The chargers are flexible and used varies depending on the level of consumption of the user.

A simple form of tariff is the kind of rate that is charged per unit of the consumption of energy. It is also known as the uniform rate form of a tariff. In this case of tariff, the price charged based is mainly constant. It will not have any sort of increase as well as a decrease in the number of units that are consumed.

In the flat form of tariff, the different types of consumers will be charged different charges based on the level of electrical consumption. In case of this kind of electrical consumption, the consumer will be grouped into various classes and each of the consumer classes will be charged with a different rate of charges.

Block rate charges will be mainly charges against the succeeding use of energy blocks which will be usually the progressive form of the reduced form of rate.

The two-part form of tariff is mainly charged on the maximum level of energy unit consumption and the demand for the maximum energy charges.

The maximum demand form of charges is similar to the before one where the only difference is the installation of the meter to charge the energy consumption.