Advantages you should know about luxury vinyl flooring in Franklin Square, NY

Luxury vinyl flooring in Franklin Square, NY, is the best flooring that everyone can easily use and comes with different specifications. Vinyl plank flooring initially gained popularity because it more convincingly replicated wood plank flooring than even vinyl flooring. However, there has subsequently been an explosion of options for vinyl plank floors, including goods that resemble ceramic and porcelain and natural stone such as marble or granite. These floorings are typically tile-shaped rather than plank-shaped.

  • A layer of aluminum oxide is on top to prevent mild scratching and scuffing.
  • A coating of transparent film guards against the more severe ripping and tearing.
  • A graphic layer that simulates the appearance of wood or stone.
  • A reasonably hard vinyl backing layer accounts for over 90% of the sheet height of premium vinyl.


  • Aesthetics:

The range of appearances produced with industrial-grade vinyl panel floors is a significant selling feature. The picture film layer may mimic practically any porcelain, wood, or marble floor surface, making it impossible to distinguish between the tile and the real thing. Because of technological advancements, it is now possible to alter the texture of the top of the PVC boards such that they touch like the original thing they are imitating. A dull floor will not boost your company’s spirit or inspire clients to conduct transactions with you.

  • Low maintenance:

Commercial vinyl board floor is extremely inexpensive to install and equally inexpensive to maintain. All required to maintain the floor appearing new is an occasional sweep or damp mopping. Because it is impermeable, you can place it in regions with high water content to prevent potential flood damage and the accompanying repair expenditures. The extra durable wear layer prevents scratches, stains, and accidents better than most flooring solutions, allowing you to focus on running your business rather than on floor maintenance.

  • Acoustic efficiency:

This is a feature of flooring that is often overlooked in home applications, but for commercial projects, particularly those with many stores, understanding how your flooring conducts sound is critical. Quiet floors are beneficial in a hospital in which the goal is healing. An IIC grade of at least 50 is required for high-quality commercial vinyl plank flooring. The higher the level, the quiet the space, and a soundproof grade of 60 or greater are exceptional.